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                                                   🌿Wrap it Up @ the 6 Shops  🌿

A body wrap is a spa treatment aimed at enhancing skin health and appearance. It serves multiple purposes, such as detoxifying the body, shedding excess fluids and fat, and removing dead skin cells. Body wraps come in various formulations tailored to individual skin types, including herbal, infrared, seaweed, and snail oil options.

In a Spa Setting:

  • A skilled technician begins by exfoliating the skin to remove dead cells, improving the serum’s absorption and allowing it to penetrate multiple skin layers.

  • After exfoliation, a cream—chosen for its moisturizing, firming, or detoxifying properties—is applied.

  • The area is then snugly wrapped with neoprene, plastic, or fabric to secure the cream.

  • Relax for a minimum of 30 minutes, allowing the solution to work effectively for stress relief and relaxation.  Optimal results are achieved with longer increments.

Post-Treatment Care:

  • For the best outcomes, follow a regimen of light, healthy meals, and avoid alcohol and caffeine.

  • Refrain from intense physical activities for several days post-treatment.

  • Optimal results typically require 2-3 sessions per week over 3-4 months, followed by monthly maintenance treatments.  

  • Enjoy the soothing experience and the rejuvenating benefits of your body wrap session! 🌿

                                                 🌿~ ~ ~ ~  That’s A Wrap  ~ ~ ~ ~ 🌿

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